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Important People

Important People provides a simple search and browse interface for young users to locate biography articles. The feature includes several thousand biographies on historical figures, popular culture figures, and other people of interest.

1. Enter a name or keyword into the search box to search the full text of all biography articles. For example, the search results for Alexander Graham Bell will be retrieved if a search for "Bell" or "telephone" is entered.

2. If you're not sure who you want to look up, you can use the biography browse categories to filter biographies matching four options: job or achievement, gender, country or cultural heritage, and time period.

3. Once one category is selected, the options in the remaining categories are automatically filtered to display only options for which categories are relevant to earlier choices. For example, upon selecting Explorers from the area of work or interest dropdown, only decades for which explorer biographies are available will display in the time period dropdown.




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