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Found on World Book's Educator Tools page, webquests are print-and-go activities designed to build foundational knowledge of specific topics by exploring information found in World Book Kids.

1. The webquest topic is listed in bold text and in alphabetical order.

2. An explanatory paragraph introduces the content student will cover when using each webquest.

3. Click on "Take the Webquest!" to open the webquest. The webquest will automatically open in a separate tab for easy navigation between the topic page and the individual activities.

4. Each webquest opens as a PDF, making the full activity easy to save or print it for immediate use.

5. Webquest text is written for the beginning reader in a larger font size.

6. Users are introduced to each topic with an introductory paragraph that prompts users to relate to the topic through personal experience or with his or her imagination.

7. Users get easy-to-follow instructions to log in to the database and locate the correct article.

8. Each webquest contains different activities that are developed with the topic and age of the user in mind. Activities may include finding facts, learning vocabulary, interpreting images, understanding videos, artistic creations, or playing games. All activities can be completed using the corresponding World Book Kids article(s), as instructed on the webquest!

9. The Teacher Page provides suggested answers for each webquest.

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