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Article Page

Article pages contain high-interest, easy-to-read content that captivates and inspires early learners.

1. Article text is written for the beginning reader in a larger font size.

2. Related pictures, videos, maps, illustrations, tables, and sounds can be found on the left side of most articles.

3. Additional media can be found in the Pictures, Videos, and More tab at the top left of an article. Selecting this tab will display a gallery of media related to the article organized by type.

4. The More Information tab allows users to access additional encyclopedia articles, editor-approved websites, related games, questions, and content standards.

5. On an article page, you may find the Article Contents drop-down menu near the top right side of the screen. This will display the Lexile® Measure and each section of the article.

6. Each article also includes a Tools drop-down menu, which contains up to six different tools and settings: download, email, print, citations, translate this text, and hear text read aloud.

7. Users can click or tap on the buttons at the bottom of most articles to view the article in Spanish or French in Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos or L'Encyclopédie Découverte, or find more information about the topic in Student, if these products are a part of the subscription package.

8. Users can view citation information of any article at the bottom of the article page or by choosing Citations in the Tools menu. This will display the article's contributor, if applicable, and how to cite the article in MLA, APA, and Harvard formats.





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