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Early World of Learning offers children access to more than 230 videos that correspond with the different themes found within Early World of Learning. These videos build upon core background knowledge by incorporating real-world examples of themes, topics, and objects found within the Read section. Videos can be accessed from Watch in the main navigation bar. The Watch homepage features all of the video categories. Click or tap on a category to open that category's page.

1. To view a video, first select a category, then click or tap on the image of the video.

2. To scroll through multiple category pages, select the arrows to the left or right of the video selector, or simply swipe to the right or left.

3. To go back to the Watch category page, select the "Categories" button at the top left of the video selector.

4. To play a video, click or tap the play button in the video's control bar.

5. Videos can be expanded to full screen by clicking or tapping the expand button.

6. When finished viewing, the video player may be closed by clicking or tapping the close button (X) on the top right side of the video player.


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