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Classics is found by clicking or tapping on the frog found near the bottom of the homepage. It features a collection of classic stories, nursery rhymes, and sing-along songs.

1. Click or tap on the Gingerbread Boy, Little Bo Peep, or the Three Blind Mice to open the selectors for Story Corner, Nursery Rhymes, or Songs.

2. Once selected, a story or song selector will open, with a scrollable list similar to that found in Trek's Travels or Welcome to Reading.

3. Click or tap the cover image or reader icon to open the story reader or song player.

The story reader features two modes to support a variety of classroom, library, and home uses, from large-group instruction to independent and small-group study.

4. Voiceover mode. By pressing the play button, the story will be read aloud with word-by-word text highlighting. This mode is perfect for pre-readers and students who wish to have the stories read to them.
Manual mode. Click or tap on the play/stop toggle button to enter manual mode. Use the next and previous arrows to manually advance the story or visit earlier pages. You can also simply swipe from right to left to turn the pages. In this mode, story narration and word-by-word highlighting will be inactive, enabling students to practice reading the story at their own pace.

5. Click or tap the arrows to advance or go back a page.

6. Click or tap the [X] to close out of the reader.

7. Click or tap "Download the audio" to download audio in an mp3 format to your device. On a tablet, this will open a new browser tab.


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