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The Know It component of Early World of Learning is a child's first online encyclopedia. Know It provides a richly visual interactive encyclopedia that will captivate early learners with nonfiction topics of interest and importance to them. It contains fun information on non-fiction topics broken into age-appropriate and exciting categories.

1. Know It is built around categories designed to excite young minds. Some of these categories include "Glub! Glub! Sea Animals!," "Rarr! Dinosaurs!," "People at Work," and "Creepy-Crawlies." Click or tap on the category to go to that category's page. The topics for each category will load into the selector.

2. Click or tap on a topic to load its cover art and related material.

3. Click or tap the cover image or the "Open" button to open the reader.

4. More Fun is found at the bottom of the topic selector. It offers additional material and media that relates to each topic, and aids in building background knowledge to support early development. See images are only available through More Fun.

Readers. When a topic has been opened in Know It, it will appear in the reader window. Each topic features narration by a human voice. A wide selection of voices exposes children to expressive narrators of different genders and backgrounds. Read-aloud audio is accompanied by word-by-word highlighting to foster development of literacy skills. The reader features two modes to support a variety of classroom, library, and home uses, from large-group instruction to independent and small-group study.

5. Voiceover mode. By pressing the play button, the content will be read aloud with word-by-word text highlighting. This mode is perfect for pre-readers and students who wish to have text read to them.
Manual mode. Click or tap on the play/stop toggle button to enter manual mode. Use the next and previous arrows to manually advance through the topics or visit earlier pages. In this mode, narration and word-by-word highlighting will be inactive, enabling students to practice reading the content at their own pace.

6. Click or tap the arrows to advance or go back a page.

7. Click or tap the [X] to close out of the reader.

8. Click or tap the question mark hotspots to hear and see information about the topic.

9. Click or tap the "It's a Fact!" button to read a particularly interesting fact about the topic.

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