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Early World of Learning features a collection of educational games to complement the stories and topics found in Trek's Travels, Welcome to Reading, and Know It and reinforce learning. Games can be accessed from Play in the main navigation bar. The Play homepage features all of the game categories. Click or tap on a category to open that category's page.

1. Put the Story in Order challenges players to put story panels in the correct order in which they appear in the story.

2. Multiple Choice challenges players to answer a series of questions by picking the correct answer from a word bank.

3. Concentration employs the classic memory-type gameplay where players flip cards over to match two identical cards. When finished, a story panel is revealed beneath the game.

4. Sorting reinforces phonemic awareness by asking players to drag images into buckets with their correct phonemic sounds.

Game Features

5. Click or tap the [X] to close out the game window.

6. Click or tap on "Read the Story" to go to the game's related story.

7. Click or tap on any text in the game to hear it read aloud.


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