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World of Animals and Compare Places

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World Book Kids: created by experts and specifically designed to increase subject matter comprehension, enhance 21st century skills and foster a love of learning. This one-stop-shop for exploration entices growing researchers by sparking inquiry and inspiring curiosity.

An engaging image-driven homepage will draw in in learners and concise articles paired with thousands of images and videos will keep researchers engaged. Students and library patrons can utilize intuitive search and browse options that make collecting information simple as they seamlessly search for content on thousands of subjects or visually dig deeper until they come across topics of interest along paired with short mutli-media clips to scaffold learning and aide in both comprehension and retention.

Within every article, researchers will find complex topics broken down into easy-to-read text along with read aloud functionality which help build fluency and confidence in young learners. Search results include articles, images, videos, activities, quick links to curriculum standards and more. Additional tools, such as translations to more than 100 languages, support non-native speakers and support collaboration and sharing of information in numerous ways including Google Drive or Microsoft One Drive.

Simplified differentiation allows readers to easily toggle from any article to Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos, which offers parallel content in Spanish, or to World Book Student, which provides additional information at a higher Lexile level.

Popular features such as World of Animals disguise learning and provide quantitative information such as lifespan, size, weight, habitats and fun facts, side-by-side to introduce and deepen compare and contrast skills. The related Compare Places feature provides the same functionality for hundreds of places around the world and support cross-curricular social studies and geography lessons.

Another favorite tool, Important People, helps students and educators search and browse through thousands of biographies, and filter by categories such as gender, area of expertise and time period. Teachers can find updated biographies for extensions, units of study and inquiry circles.

Subscribers will also find a collection of hands-on, practical science experiments and activities with accompanying lesson plans that support STEAM and makerspace initiatives and correlate to Next Generation Science Standards, Common Core, and State Standards.

World Book Kids enhances learning and reading with safe, trustworthy and engaging content that will inspire children and excite young minds while timely and accurate articles will support educational growth and create lifelong learners.

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