The World Book Difference

Why World Book?

World Book is here to support teachers, librarians, students, and parents with in-person and virtual learning. Our digital databases are designed for every stage of a student's educational journey and ideal for reinforcing knowledge and instruction with trustworthy activities, relevant content, assessments, and tutoring. World Book Online allows students the chance to access coursework and other educational materials anytime, anywhere - providing a platform to keep them engaged and eager to learn.

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Editorial Excellence

Our editors' rigorous writing, fact checking, and readability standards provide both thoroughness and expertise. Our goal is to provide the most relevant, important, and timely information to allow for a clear understanding of a topic.

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Quality Guarantee

All of our books are created with high-quality materials and library-bound construction to withstand the toughest users. We stand behind our products and its quality with a 30 day excellence guarantee.

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Cutting-Edge Technology

In addition to ongoing enhancements and added features, digital content is updated in real time as new facts, information, and subjects emerge. Continual market research ensures that ongoing enhancements align with current technological trends.

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All Ages

Our content is meant to engage and excite all minds, from beginning readers to those simply interested in learning or keeping their facts straight. World Book Online aligns end-users with their appropriate learning level within a progressive sequence of databases that build upon the individuals' capabilities.

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Disguised Learning

Image-based navigation, games, original videos, and activities are included to make learning interactive and fun. Intuitive browsing capabilities make World Book's digital product offering an information hub for the library, classroom, and beyond.

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Unparalleled Support

Our dedicated support team includes professional development specialists, a customer service team, and local educational consultants - all of whom strive to maximize the benefits of your subscription. Ongoing communications help support product awareness and increase usage.

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The World Book Commitment

For over 100 years World Book has been striving to enhance learning and reading for children around the world by developing trustworthy, engaging content and products that will inspire children of all ages at home, on the go, in the classroom, or in the library. Our mission remains to bring the very best in products and services to institutions across the globe.

What our subscribers love most:

  • Hundreds of thousands of easy-to-understand articles, captivating images, original videos, integrated primary sources, and eBooks
  • Easy-to-navigate homepages
  • Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive, and Google Classroom integration
  • Single-sign-on capability with Classlink, Clever, Canva, Schoology, and G-Suite for education
  • A My Research personalized content saving tool
  • WebQuests for pre- and post-assessment
  • Life Skills Center with step-by-step guides on important topics such as how to write a resume and financial planning
  • 650+ customizable Timelines with personalization options
  • Pathfinders of pre-generated content sets
  • Citation Builder for 13 formats, such as blogs and lectures
  • Advanced Search options
  • Wizard, a personalized, adaptive learning tool
  • Live Homework Help - connect to real tutors from anywhere
  • A variety of How to Do Research guides
  • Lesson plans, including World Book originals created around primary source documents
  • Links to more than 400 daily World Newspapers
  • Tens of thousands of biographies for both young and advanced researchers all in one place
  • ESL/ELL support, including seamless article translation in more than 100 languages
  • Activities designed for project-based learning
  • Curriculum Correlations including Next Generation Science Standards