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World Book eBooks, a first-class digital library designed for 21st-century readers of all ages and reading levels with portable access to over 2,500 colorful and engaging books including World Book exclusive, sole-sourced titles.

Multiple genres, covering a wealth of topics will entice library patrons and complement classroom instruction by providing secure content and tools for both 1-on-1 and whole-group instruction while supporting cross-curricular and STEM initiatives.

Fascinating topics range from the tiniest insects to larger than life personalities, ancient Greek mythology to outer space marvels, arts and crafts activities to architecture and engineering feats.

Choosing the lion displays a short burst of content about the chosen topic to support microlearning, which studies have shown increases comprehension and retention. Each page also features an image to give kids context clues. This content can be read to users if they choose the “play” button to start the read aloud with word by word highlighting feature.

Disguised learning in the form of non-fiction graphic novels, read-aloud functionality and educational games and puzzles will hook even the most reluctant reader while promoting comprehension and retention.

Featured annotation tools, such as highlighting, note-taking, drawing and bookmarking capabilities both modernize and personalize the reading experience while the ability to share research encourages collaboration.

Multimedia, such as audio and video clips, support visual learning and bring stories, characters, historical figures and information to life, creating a safe and authentic learning experience anytime, anywhere.

Downloadable MARCs for seamless integration with existing platforms, unlimited downloads for offline reading, simultaneous check-out on any tablet, and access on mobile devices with our free downloadable app, make World Book eBooks the perfect on-the-go library.

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