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Streamlined research with World Book Advanced, the quintessential database for seasoned researchers. This powerful resource features responsive design and provides access to assessment tools, real-time headlines, and a variety of cross-curricular content anytime, anywhere. Gain access to over 600 world newspapers, thousands of primary sources, interactive maps, and more with a clean, concise, image-driven home page.

With verified content covering tens of thousands of relevant topics, World Book Advanced is a true one-stop shop for knowledge. Articles maintain an appropriate reading level and provide corresponding media along with an entire section devoted to related information. Researchers will easily find special reports, online books, magazine articles, and geolocated curriculum correlations.

Perfect for collaboration, content can be saved with a click of a button and easily shared in a variety of ways, including to Google Drive and My Research, a World Book exclusive tool.

Backed by editorial excellence, World Book Advanced promises an adherence to currency and accuracy in a time where trustworthy matters. For more information or to schedule a demonstration of World Book Advanced, contact your representative or email us at

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