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World Book Student's World Resources is a comprehensive geographical tool that collects the portals for Interactive Maps, World Book Atlas, and Compare Places.

Interactive Maps integrate World Book articles into a searchable, interactive interface. World Book articles display as pins dropped on the map at their latitude and longitude coordinates.

1. Use the zoom and pan controls in the upper left side of the map to see continent and country pins and state/province/region and city pins as well as places of interest, or toggle between satellite and map view.

2. Users can also search the map by entering keywords into the Interactive Maps search box. World Book articles geocoded to latitude and longitude coordinates will appear in search results.

To view the hundreds of maps on World Book Student, users can choose World Book Atlas. From this feature, there are a couple ways to find information:

3. When users enter the Atlas, they will see a map of the world. They can either choose any of the labels on the image of the world to view a map that is specific to that place or select a place from the menu on the left. For example, they could either click or tap on the "North America" label on the map to retrieve a map of that continent, or select "North America" from the menu.

4. Users can click or tap the Home Article link to view that particular map's home article.

Compare Places is a tool that allows users to compare locations around the world, including continents, countries, states, provinces, and dependencies and view quick facts, images, maps, flags, seals, and videos.

5. Users can click or tap the arrows to the right and left of the place tiles to browse, and choose a place by selecting the place's picture. They can use the filter drop-down menu to filter places by category.

6. Clicking or tapping on the "Explore" link will navigate to the place's exhibit for quick facts, images, videos, and web links about that place. Using the arrow allows users to scroll up and down and view the entire list.

7. Users can click "View Article" to view the encyclopedia article for each place.

8. Selecting the "Compare Places" button allows users to choose a second place. Clicking or tapping "Compare Now!" will display the comparison. Quantitative data is displayed in bar and written format at the top of the comparison.


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