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Mini-Inquiry Projects

To become information literate, students must be able to locate, evaluate, select, use, and share information effectively. Consequently, it is crucial for educators to introduce and reinforce these skills in stimulating and creative ways. The mini-inquiry projects in this program promote studentsí information literacy skills through research and presentation.

After the mini-inquiry projects are completed, students should assess their work for content and presentation using the sample assessment form provided. You also might ask students to make formal presentations of their information to the class followed by a question-and-answer session, or to solicit a peer assessment.

1. Follow detailed instructions to lead your class through their mini-inquiry project, culminating in a display of student written and visual information.

2. Download and print the Student Page and the Assessment Checklist to distribute to the class.

3. Move to any other content related to the play unit in the wealth of content listed in the index column.





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