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Every play unit in Dramatic Learning has its own home page, where all the content related to the play script is easily accessible. We have included downloadable content as Word documents from a play unit as a sample of what you will find on the Dramatic Learning site. The following components come from the play unit Dieguito: The Youth of Diego Rivera, which is based on events from the childhood of the famed Mexican artist.

Free downloads below:

Play script

During an outbreak of scarlet fever, Dieguito is sent away from the city to the mountains where he lives with a curandera, or healer. It is there that he learns the skill of observation and the power of community and decides to pursue the life of an artist.

Monologue 1: The Sketchbook

Diego addresses the audience to discuss why he carries his sketchbook everywhere, and with what images he fills its pages.

Skit 1: Gossip

Two local women discuss Diegoís illness, and what leads his family to take him to a curandera.

Activity 1: Definition search

Students examine the dialogue for Spanish phrasing and translation.

Lesson plan 1

Students work on vocabulary words from the play script, finding definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and writing a new sentence using the words from the play.

Mini-inquiry project

Students will examine the various elements in the play Dieguito: The Youth of Diego Rivera that are related to Diego Rivera, the development of the mural form in Mexican art in the first half of the 1900ís, and scarlet fever.






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