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World Book’s Dramatic Learning expands proven approaches to building reading fluency and content comprehension. By turning texts into plays, skits, and monologues and providing teaching tools to apply these materials in the classroom, Dramatic Learning can help students become more fluent readers, understand core concepts, and internalize content.

How will Dramatic Learning help my students?

View our collection of videos that show how Dramatic Learning helps:

• Improve reading fluency and sight-word recognition

• Develop comprehension skills for ESL/ELL and challenged readers

• Promote task engagement, independent learning and constructive movement

• Manage behavior and socialization

• Improve test scores through creative cross-curricular, standards-based instruction

How does Dramatic Learning work in the classroom?

Witness the remarkable results of Dramatic Learning through this series of videos that show how a fourth-grade class used the program to learn and perform Hamlet in only one week.

Studies on the efficacy of readerís theater


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