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Dramatic Learning provides a wide range of opportunities to help students improve reading fluency and internalize core concepts, using their creativity and imagination as doorways to understanding.

1. Select your play by grade level, subject, or title in The Play’s the Thing. Any of these links will take you to a sortable page that features all three pieces of information at a glance. Pick your play and get ready to explore!

2. Start by browsing the multitude of materials prepared to guide you through using a play in the classroom (or library, or after school program!) in our Teach with Theater spotlight. Here you’ll find useful instructions in How to Use This Site, as well as information on Dramatic Learning’s proven successful results. Additionally, the spotlight features links to curriculum correlations, lesson plans, mini-inquiry projects, an assessment rubric, play starters, ideas on how to put on a play, and links to play posters and programs.

3.Actor’s Corner provides further instruction for students in the form of activities, monologues, skits, and play starters. The play starters page offers links to five downloadable writing exercises designed to get students writing their own mini-plays.

4. Learn more about our three site authors —Douglas Love, David Almeida, and Albert Cullum—and how they each implemented Dramatic Learning for decades of successful instruction in the classroom.




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