Customer IDs

World Book Online provides many features that can be customized to your account. We provide these customizations using "Customer Identifiers," or Customer IDs.

Types of customer IDs

World Book uses a variety of methods to identify a subscriber's account, including account number, username and password, IP address, and referring URL.

Account number

The account number is appended to the URL to identify a subscriber's account. Example: represents Account 12345. This is the preferred method of identification, as it will correctly identify users belonging to a specific account within a consortium using proxy servers or users belonging to a subaccount within a larger account. This also allows for usage reports to be reported by account or levels of subaccounts.

Account Administrators can access their subscription's personalized URL in the following locations:

  • In the Welcome Email, sent after your new subscription or renewal is processed in our system. Copy and paste the URL from the email in all communications, and link it on secure webpages where your users will access World Book Online.
  • By logging in to their Administrator Tools account and choosing the "Downloads" link. The Web Page Graphics, Web Search Widgets, and Web Page Links all contain the custom URLs. Cut and paste the HTML code into your institution’s own website.

Username and password

Username and password can also be used to identify the users who are accessing World Book Online from your institution. This combination is unique to your institution and should not be shared with others.

IP authentication

IP authentication may be used for both authentication and identification if your institution has IPs that are unique to your institution and are not shared with others. If your institution is part of a consortium, or if there is a known proxy server in your network, please consult with your technical department.

Referring URL

Referring URL may be used for both authentication and identification if your institution has a secure webpage that is unique to your institution and cannot be accessed by non-subscribers.

Referring URL is appropriate for linking users at home from your institution’s website to World Book Online. Your website must have its own authentication method such as username and password to prevent unauthorized users on the Intenet from accessing your subscription. Read more about this method from our Home access FAQ page.

Uses for customer IDs

World Book Online uses customer IDs to provide a variety of customization options on a subscriber's account:

  • The account name will be displayed on the login page, and a welcome message, if set in the Administrator Tools account, can display at the top of every World Book product homepage.
  • Resource Guides can display your country, state, or geographical location by default.
  • Administrators with Advanced by World Book in their subscription can choose from a variety of news sources to display as the RSS newsfeed of In the Headlines, and Wizard subscribers can ensure their educator's assignment due dates show in the proper time zone by choosing the correct one from the "Localization" link in their Administrator Tools account.


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