Create pathfinders

Pathfinders are collections of resources on a curriculum topic. This collection can include encylopedia articles, primary source documents, timelines, multimedia, and more. To create a pathfinder, you must first have an existing My Research project. To learn more about how to save materal to My Reasearch click here.

Pathfinders are only available in Advanced and you must have a My World Book Account. To learn how to create a My World Book Account, click here.

Create pathfinders

Pathfinders allow users to collect and share World Book content within their account or to the larger World Book Community.

  1. To access your My Research Projects, click Research and Resources.
    research and resources
  2. Select My Research
    my research
  3. Choose a project by clicking Switch Projects. Select the project you want to turn into a Pathfinder.
    switch projects
  4. Once you’ve selected your project, click Create Pathfinder→ Create New Shared Pathfinder.
    create pathfinders
  5. Fill in the information about your Pathfinder. If you would like to be the only one that can see the pathfinder, select Don't share this pathfinder.

    If you would like to share within your account- for example, within your school- select Share only within my account. Or, if you would like to make your pathfinder public, select Share with all World Book users.

    pathfinder info

Share pathfinders

Once your pathfinder has been created, you can share it with others using the url at the bottom of the page.


Add material

  1. As you find more resources you’d like to add to this pathfinder, click Save to My Research on the source.
    save to my research
  2. Select the desired pathfinder under Select Project.
    select project
  3. Your pathfinders can be found with your My Research projects, allowing you to edit them as you would a My Research project.
    my research
  4. With pathfinders, you can add notes or instructions to each section. This feature is great for educators creating a pathfinder of resources for their students.
    add notes or instructions

Access pathfinders

To access your pathfinder again, from the home page click Research and Resources→ Pathfinders.

Your pathfinders will be listed to the far right of the Pathfinder landing page.
my pathfinders

If you chose to share within your account or within the World Book community, the pathfinder will be found in those respective lists. This is another method to share pathfinders with others.