Create a My World Book Account

My World Book is a way to personalize your experience by creating an individual account. Once signed in to a My World Book Account, users can move seamlessly between World Book products, save, create, and take notes. You can create your own Timelines, add or edit events on existing Timelines, save books to your Favorites shelf in eBooks, save custom notes and annotations in eBooks, and save material to My Research in Student, Advanced, Discover, and Timelines!

Create an account

A "My World Book Account" can be created from the following products:

login page

Note: The products displayed will vary by account. Products shown depend on the individual account subscription.

  1. Launch the My World Book Account page by clicking on one of the access areas (for more detail on how to launch this page scroll down) or click Access on the side-menu.
  2. Click create an account.
    login page
  3. Fill in the form and click submit.
    account form

    Note: To use the teacher features in World Book Wizard, be sure to select teacher under account type. Once you have an eductor code from World Book, the teacher account allows you to create classes, assign content, and monitor student progress.
    account type

  4. A confirmation message indicates that your account was successfully created. Click OK to return to the location originally selected.
    login page
  5. You are now logged in to your My World Book account and will remain logged in as you move between products.

Access the "My World Book Account" page

You can create an account from several different areas within World Book Online.

Note: You will only see products that are part of your account subscription.

If you are not signed in to an existing account, clicking on any of the following areas will launch the My World Book Account page and allow you to log in to an existing account or create a new one.

  • Activity Corner
    Activity Corner
  • Advanced My Research
  • Discover
  • Dramatic Learning
  • eBooks
  • Student My Research, World Book Wizard, and Live Homework Help.

    From Wizard, click continue.

    From Live Homework Help, click Go ahead and create one.
    live homework help

  • Timelines