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1. Article sections (for longer articles) are listed in the contents section at the top of the index column.

2. Links to World Book translations of the articles into French and Spanish (where available) and a computer translation into fourteen languages appear below the article contents. For more details, see Foreign languages.

3. Your state or province’s curriculum standards that are correlated to the article will be listed under the link in the Content Standards box. To search by standard, go to the Educators Tools page, available from the bottom of every page in the site.

4. The Tools box, at the top of all content pages, includes options to highlight search terms and print, e-mail, save, and save the article to project folders in your My Research account.

5. Comprehension questions, written by World Book editors, highlight the major themes of the articles and help readers check their understanding of the article text.

6. Links to related articles within Discover are hotlinked within the article text and in the section immediately following the body of the article.

7. A link to more extensive coverage in the World Book Online Reference Center (if included in your subscription) will take you to coverage of the article topic. To keep your place in the Discover site and open the Reference Center content in a second browser window, click the link “Open link in new browser window.”

8. Citations in MLA format are provided with each article.

9. Editor-selected Web sites, at easy and medium reading levels, are linked to selected sites.



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