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1. Search all content in a single search, or use our image search to focus on the site’s rich multimedia. Advanced search options include Boolean and date search options.

2. Reference tools, including a dictionary, multilingual (English/Spanish/French) visual dictionary, timeline and citation builders, and atlas help users compile the data and information they need to complete their assignments and background research. The My Research and How to Do Research features provide students and educators with instructional materials on the research process and a place to save their research results.

3. Life skills content includes overviews, vocabulary lessons, and role-playing exercises on every-day life situations in the areas of finance, housing, health, and many other issues.

4. Educators’ tools include curriculum correlations between World Book Discover content and state and provincial standards, as well as tutorials on the features and functionality of the site.

5. Your Most-Viewed articles, displayed for each account, are continually updated.

6. Graphical browse helps early readers navigate the site with colorful icons and age-appropriate classification headings.

7. Icons for all of the World Book sites in your subscription appear at the bottom of every page on the site, for consistent and clear navigation between sites on the World Book Web.




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