Web graphics

The Web Graphics feature provides an easy-to-use method to access World Book Online. These graphics will provide a weblink from your website to World Book Online products to which you have subscribed. Let users know a little more about each resource with our product descriptions.

Linking to World Book Online

Each Web Graphic includes an icon for the World Book product of your choice along with the link to the product. After logging in to your Administrator Tools account, just cut and paste the embed code into your webpage and the graphic and link will work automatically.

To access the Web Graphics page:

  1. Go to World Book My Account: //
  2. Log in with your Administrator ID (your email address) and password.
  3. On the Dashboard page you will see a "Downloads" section. Choose Web Graphics from there.

The Web Graphics page provides graphics that link directly to each World Book product that you subscribe to as well as a main World Book Online graphic that links to the Super Homepage.

To place a Web Graphic on your institution’s webpage:

  1. Navigate to the graphic of your choice from the Web Graphics page.
  2. Below the graphic is an embed code that you should copy from the box.
  3. Find the place in your website’s html page where you would like the Web Graphic to appear.
  4. Paste the embed code and save the html page to your website.
  5. The World Book Online Graphic will now appear automatically.

Best practices

  • Every graphic’s embed tag is customized to your account, so don’t share these tags with other institutions or post your Web Graphics where users of other institutions might access them. The Web Graphics provide a convenient link to World Book Online and will let us know that the user clicking on the graphic is from your institution.
  • The Web Graphics provide a link, but do not automatically log the user into World Book Online. The graphics are designed to work with the authentication method that your World Book account is already using.
  • The Web Graphics may be posted on your public webpage or may be posted behind your institution’s own login. They will also work with intranet pages if your intranet has access to the Internet.


Questions? Contact World Book Online Support: