Common Issues

Check here for help with common issues that may be preventing you from full World Book Online access.

Account Administrator Tools

Many common issues can be identified by a World Book subscription account administrator by going into the Administrator Tools account. This portal allows account administrators to view information about their World Book account, such as the products in their subscription, expiration date, authentication methods, usage, Wizard teacher codes, and more.

Choose any of the links in the "Account Overview" section to manage contact information, RSS newsfeed preference, customer logo, and welcome message. The customer’s account must in good standing with current subscriptions to World Book Online products to allow user access.


Authentication Methods

During the onboarding process, account administrators should fill out the World Book Connection Form to communicate the type(s) of authentication methods that they would like to provide for their subscribers. The customer’s authentication preference must be pre-configured for their users to access World Book Online. The account administrator can check the authentication settings for their account at any time by doing the following:

  1. Sign in to Accounts Tools at
  2. Select Authentication.
  3. Choose the authentication type that has been pre-configured from the options on the left, which include IP Address, ID and password, referring URL and library card number.
  4. If you have not provided access information or if the authentication type(s) displayed in My Account are incorrect, contact Customer Service for help.

Minimum requirements

World Book Online supports standard browsers. View the browsers and other system requirements here.

In addition, the browser settings should allow JavaScript to run, as it is required for minor features on World Book Online to function. Consult your browser's Help file for more information regarding JavaScript settings.

Public IP addresses

If your institution has chosen IP address as an authentication method, a public IP is required. A public IP is an address that is accessible through the public Internet via DNS.

Private IP addresses are commonly used within an institution’s internal network. Private IPs cannot be used to access World Book directly, but rather the public IP must be provided instead.

The following are private IPs and their ranges which should NOT be supplied to Customer Service for access to World Book:

  • to
  • to
  • to
  • to


Need more help or have a question? Contact World Book Online Support: