Create a timeline

Users can create timelines using World Book content or by uploading content to their account. These timelines can be saved to My Research, My Timelines, or shared via Google Classroom and One Drive.

Create timelines for fun - make a timeline of your life, all about me, log family vacations. Or use timelines in the classroom to have students submit work in a new format - log current events, map the life of a historical figure, plot the moves of various characters in a book, and more!

Create a timeline

In order to create timelines, you must be logged in to your My World Book Account. To learn how to create a My World book Account, click here.

  1. Click or tap the Create a Timeline button from the home page.
    create a timeline
  2. Enter a title for your timeline.

    Optional: choose a different timeline background theme, add a timeline description, and upload or select an image to represent your timeline. (A timeline's title or any of the optional fields can be edited at any time by choosing the pencil icon to the right of the timeline title when viewing the timeline.)

    create a timeline
  3. Add events to create your timeline. Select the Search Events button to add events from the World Book database. Select the Create Event button to add a custom event.
    add events
  4. If you choose to create your own event, enter a start year and event description (200 character limit). You can also enter a month and day to the start date, enter an end date, color-code your event, add notes (2,000 character limit), or add media to your event.
    create event
  5. To add outside media to an event, select the Add Media tab from the Edit Info box to add images, maps, or videos to your event. You can add World Book images and videos or your own images to any event by either uploading a new image (JPG and GIF files under 5 MB) or choosing an image you've previously uploaded to World Book Timelines from My Images.
    add media