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Welcome to Early Learning by World Book, an immersive, educational experience for young learners eager to learn more about the world around them while learning to read.

Developed for children in preK and the early elementary grades, Early Learning features content organized by topic of interest and importance to these young learners, from animals in Dinosaurs, Wild Animals, and Creepy-Crawlies to transportation in Tough Trucks and On the Move to early childhood themes in Rainbow Colors and Counting Numbers for the youngest learners.

This device agnostic resource features a homepage that immediately displays this type of content for users to browse, and then choose and explore. Each of these topical content worlds opens to featured content relating to the main subject. Here in the Wild Animal content world, you will find information about different animals you would find in the wild.

Choosing the lion displays a short burst of content about the chosen topic to support microlearning, which studies have shown increases comprehension and retention. Each page also features an image to give kids context clues. This content can be read to users if they choose the “play” button to start the read aloud with word by word highlighting feature.

Back on the main content world landing page, users can also explore media and more related to the topic – in this case, wild animals. Videos showcase wild animals in their natural habitats and games about wild animals, such as concentration and true or false, can be played right from here. We also have stories featuring a variety of animals – including new World Book titles found just on Early Learning, like this one about Stuart the Sloth.

Images can be viewed in a gallery for users to see wild animals up close and a plethora of brand new activities can be done from within the paint application offered in Early Learning, or are available as printable Print & Do activities.

Users can navigate back to the homepage using the rainbow colored home button found throughout the site.

If users just want to explore certain types of content, instead of content that is topically based, they can browse through the different media types available on Early Learning: videos, games, stories, and activities. Videos and stories are organized by topic, just like the content worlds are on the homepage.However, the stories section also includes additional categories of Spanish stories, classic fairy tales and fables, as well as nursery rhymes and songs to help support language development and early literacy.

Games and activities are organized by type to help promote disguised learning. Choose from concentration and true/false games containing content relating back to the topical content worlds.

Print and Do activities can be downloaded to do later. Paint by number and coloring activities can be done in the paint application from right within Early Learning’s secure environment for children.

Educators also have a plethora of different materials correlating to the content found in Early Learning in the For Grownups section. Here, educators can read about site organization, and access the guided reading program lesson plans, story Lexile levels, foldable little books, and curriculum standards.

This resource can be educator led, or used independently by children. The user interface is simple to navigate on any device for even the youngest school-aged child and the user experience is completely engaging as well as educational.

For more information, or to schedule a demonstration of Early Learning, contact your representative or email us at

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