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Welcome to Early Learning by World Book, an immersive educational experience for young learners eager to learn more about the world around them while learning to read. Developed for children in pre-k and the early elementary grades, Early Learning features content organized by topics of interest and importance to these young learners. From Animals (in Dinosaurs, Wild Animals, and Creepy Crawlies), to Transportation (in Tough Trucks and On the Move), to Early Childhood themes (in Rainbow Colors and Counting Numbers for the youngest learners). Each of these topical content worlds opens to featured content relating to the main subject. Here you’ll find articles designed to be a child’s first encyclopedia and support microlearning. Users can also explore media and more related to the topic from within these engaging content worlds.

To support emergent readers, the site is highly visual and has full read-aloud capabilities. Users can also explore content by type: Videos, Games, Stories, and Activities. Videos and stories are organized by topic, just like the content world are on the homepage. Games and Activities are organized by type, to help promote disguised learning.

The Early Learning Basics feature is designed to teach young learners' essential skills for preschool and kindergarten, including letters, numbers, and early math concepts such as counting and classification. You’ll also find our guided reading program with 48 leveled texts designed to help students build their reading skills. Each book even comes with a printable book and a lesson plan. There are many other educator tools, including the Standard Search feature.

World Book Early Learning can be educator-led or used independently by children. The user interface is simple to navigate on any device for even the youngest school-age child and the user experience is completely engaging as well as educational. For more information, or to schedule a demonstration of Early Learning, contact your representative or email us at

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