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In a world of digital news, Advanced gives high school students and adults a reliable source to check the facts. World newspapers promote global awareness and international perspective. Primary source documents, biographies, Back in Time articles, and Teaching with Documents all aid in more in-depth and conceptual understanding within the classroom curriculum.


Advanced is a powerful reference tool that includes full encyclopedic and multimedia databases supplemented with online books, primary sources, website links, Back in Time articles, special reports and more.

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With Advanced, you have access to an integrated search of articles, media, primary sources, eBooks, dictionary, Back in Time articles, and special reports.

  • Tailored for the needs and skills of students in grades 8 and up and optimized for tablets, Advanced includes a streamlined design, access to historical documents, and important news updates.
  • The powerful search engine provides optimized search results. Search refinements and relevancy weighting direct users to their content with maximum efficiency.
  • Research tools, including world resources, a citation builder, dictionary, and resource guides, help users compile the data and information they need to complete their assignments and background research.
  • Individual My World Book accounts within the site offer users the ability to create and save their own content, including research results from World Book as well as external sources and citations.


Alongside thousands of articles, media, special reports, and more, Advanced has many features designed for to enhance the research process and enhance global awareness and critical thinking:

  • Advanced research tools include dictionary,atlas, and more.
  • Teaching with Primary Source Documents include advanced lesson plans.
  • Pathfinders of pre-generated content sets aid in research and subject matter understanding.
  • A translation feature offers article content in over 100 languages with the click of a button. See the list of available translation languages here.
  • My Research allows users to compile and organized content in a format that can be accessed from home or school.
  • Thousands of fiction and nonfiction online book recommendations.
  • World Newspapers of more than 550 periodicals from around the globe.
  • The citation builder creates flawless citations in MLA, APA, and Harvard formats.
  • Correlations to Common Core, state, and provincial standards.
  • Age-appropriate webquests provide exploratory opportunities on advanced topics.

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