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My Timelines

  1. To save a timeline to My Timelines, users need to be logged in to their World Book account. Accounts are based on individual login IDs and passwords set up by users. My Research account credentials can be used to log in to your World Book account. To log in, click or tap Login at the top right of the menu bar and either type in your credentials to access your account or create a new account.

  2. Save a timeline by choosing the Save button and making a selection from the drop-down menu:
    • Save to My Timelines saves a timeline to the user's My Timelines section of World Book Timelines.
    • Save a Copy allows users to save a copy of the timeline with a new title to My Timelines.
    • Choosing an option under the Save to My Research header will save the timeline to a new or existing My Research project, which is accessible by choosing My Account near the top right of the menu bar. The timeline will also automatically be saved to My Timelines.

Your saved timelines will appear in My Timelines whether or not you chose to add them to a My Research project. Users can delete timelines by clicking or tapping the "X" on any timeline.



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