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Home Page

The home page of World Book Timelines includes several ways for users to find a timeline of interest to them:

  1. Click or tap on the featured timeline to be taken directly to that timeline. From there, you can edit it and/or save it to your account.

  2. Browse the collection of World Book pre-built timelines using the eight top-level topics on the left of the homepage:
    • Arts
    • Literature
    • Notable people
    • Parts of the world
    • Science and technology
    • Society and culture
    • Sports
    • World history
    Drill down through the subcategories and click or tap on the specific timeline of interest to view the timeline.

  3. Use the search bar to search for a World Book pre-built timeline using keywords. You can optionally search by keyword and date range by filling in the fields on the optional search range menu that appears when you click or tap the search bar.

  4. Click or tap on the World Book Timelines logo at the top left of any page to be taken to the timelines homepage, where users can access My Timelines and Create a Timeline.




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