ClassLink Integration

World Book Online integrates with ClassLink! This integration allows students to launch World Book Online directly from the ClassLink portal. When a user launches World Book from ClassLink, they are automatically logged in to a personal My World Book Account and can utilize features such as My Research and saving Timelines.

Integration instructions

At this time we cannot roster World Book through ClassLink Roster Server. However, we can configure World Book with ClassLink single sign-on (SSO).

In order to configure ClassLink SSO for World Book, we need the IDP Metadata URL. Instructions on how to obtain this are provided on this ClassLink support page.

Once you have obtained the IDP Metadata URL, email this to to establish trust. We will then provide the information you need to complete the next steps.

Student view

Once the school has established the connection, students can launch World Book Online from within their launch pad.

  1. Students log in to ClassLink.
    classlink login
  2. Many districts will have a ClassLink icon on their school resources page. If they do not, students can visit and search for their school:
    classlink login
    classlink login
  3. They will be taken to their ClassLink launchpad and have access to the World Book application.
    classlink login