Advanced configurations

The following technical specifications are for advanced users and IT professionals. Please consult with your technical department regarding the following tests and configurations:


If the local computer accessing World Book Online is running security software or if the local network has a firewall, the settings of these should be checked. World Book Online requires that access to the following URLs be allowed in firewalls and security software:

Consult with your institution’s technical department for more information regarding security software and firewall settings.


A test may be conducted to determine the route taken by packets across an IP network. This test is called a traceroute. This can be used to analyze the network route taken by the user request when accessing World Book.

A traceroute may be conducted from the user’s computer to World Book Online by making a traceroute to // After conducting a traceroute to World Book, send the results to along with your contact information and a description of the issue.

Additionally, a traceroute may be conducted by World Book to the user’s network. For this test, your institution’s public IP address should be supplied to Customer Service.

World Book recommends that customers consult with their technical department when conducting traceroutes or providing their network’s IP information.

WINDOWS: Open the command line by going to Start, Run then entering CMD EXE. In the command line enter TRACERT WWW.WORLDBOOKONLINE.COM to run the traceroute.

MACINTOSH: Open the Termimal by going to Applications, Terminal then entering traceroute // in the terminal window.

EZ proxy

Customers accessing the public Internet through EZproxy should place the following entry into the ezproxy.cfg file on their EZproxy server:

  • Title World Book Online
  • URL
  • Host
  • Host
  • Domain

For more information regarding EZproxy, consult the manufacturer's web site:

Federated search

World Book offers a federated search API using the RSS 2.0 XML standard. Currently the federated search API has been integrated with popular software packages from federated search vendors including Follett, Book Systems, Inc, and Serial Solutions.

If your institution is currently using a federated search, World Book recommends that you contact your federated search vendor and request that they integrate the World Book federated search API for all of your World Book products.

Key/Salt one click authentication

Key/Salt one click authentication may also be used for additional security when authenticating accounts. Authentication codes are available by request for any institutions or learning management systems that require them.


Questions? Contact World Book Online Support: