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World Book articles are written at a level from one to four grades lower than other articles intended for the same age group.

• By 4th grade, more than 1/2 of white children can't read at grade level. For minority children, more than 80% can't read at grade level. Many will struggle to avoid dropping out. Most will not be able to lay claim to the American Dream.
Source: America's Vanishing Potential Foundation for Child Development

• Nearly 2/3 of 4th and 8th graders nationwide still score below grade level in reading.
Source: & the Pew Center for the States

• With 68% of 4th graders and 71% of 8th graders in the U.S. reading below the "proficient" level, it is critical that readers have access materials they can understand.

Source: National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) 2007

Download the pdf that shows articles used in this study, with grade level for each article.


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