Share a timeline via Google classroom

Teachers and students can share timelines via Google classroom. Read below to learn more.

Find the timeline

Open the timeline you’d like to share.

Users can share a World Book Timeline. Find the timeline by exploring the pre-created categories. Click on the timeline to open it.


Users can share timelines from My Timelines as well. Share a World Book Timeline that has been edited and saved, or share one you’ve created from scratch. Find them in My Timelines.

my timelines

Click Share in the top right corner, then select Google Classroom.


If you are logged in to a student account in Google Classroom, you can turn in timelines for assignments.

  1. Select the class you’d like to share to.
    select class
  2. Select the appropriate assignment.
  3. Click Attach to link your Timeline to the assignment.
  4. Your assignment is not yet submitted. Click View Assignment to review before you submit it.
    view assignment
  5. Review your submission, add comments, or add additional materials. Click Turn in when you are ready to submit.
    review assignment

If you are logged in to a teacher account in Google Classroom, you can share timelines with your class as material, assignments, and more.

  1. Select the class you’d like to share to.
    select clas
  2. Select the action from the list provided, then click Go in the bottom right hand type
  3. Fill in the fields desired on screen, then click Post.
  4. You will receive a confirmation message that the timeline has posted. To view this in your Google Classroom, select View.
    confirmation message
    view assignment