Citation Builder in Student

The Citation Builder allows users to select a source and complete a fill-in-the-blank chart to create formatted citations in MLA, APA, and Harvard formats.

Citation Builder

Easily format citations with the click of a button!

  1. Under Quick Links, click on Citation Builder. You can also access it from the main menu in the upper right hand corner.
    quick links
  2. Once in the Citation Builder, choose which type of source you would like to cite from the drop-down menu.
    citation builder
  3. Fill in the information indicated.
    citation builder
  4. Click Create citation.
    create citation

    Note: Any fields left blank that are required in order to create the citation will be marked in red and must be filled in before you can proceed.

  5. Choose which format you’d like to save your citation in. You can copy and paste the citation directly from here, or you can Save, Email, or Print it.
    formatted citations
  6. From the Save function, you can save your citation to a project in your My Research Account.
    save citations

Citations in articles

  1. If you want to cite a World Book encyclopedia article, simply scroll to the very bottom of the article and click How to cite this article or click Tools and Settings→ Citation.
  2. Choose which format you’d like your citation in and copy and paste it.
    copy paste