Lesson plans in Kids

World Book Kids has lesson plans to accompany activities, as well as many games and science projects. These lesson plans include a variety of core curriculum subjects and include discussion questions and an assessment rubric.


You can access lesson plans from two places: within Activities or from Educator Tools.


  1. To access from Activities, simply click on "Activities" in the feature container on the home page of Kids.
  2. feature container
  3. Underneath the categories of activities, click the button that says "For Grownups." This will bring you to the lesson plans.
  4. for grownups

Educator Tools

  1. To access from Educator Tools, click on "Educator Tools" in the top-right corner of the Kids home page.
  2. educator tools
  3. Select "Lesson plans."
  4. lesson plans
  5. Click "View all of the lesson plans."
  6. view all


Lesson plans for activities are separated by category. Most of the lesson plans are for our activities.

activity lesson plans

Games and science projects

Lesson plans for games and science projects are grouped together, respectively.

games science projects

Lesson plans

Lesson plans on World Book Kids include:

  • A materials list
  • An introduction, including links to related World Book Kids articles.
  • Objectives
  • Procedures
  • Discussion questions
    discussion questions
  • Assessment ideas
    assessment ideas
  • Links to the student version of the activity.
    student version
  • As well as keeping the tools available on the rest of the site, including the read-aloud function.