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Kids eLearn

Kids eLearn is the premier general reference Web site uniquely developed for young Arabic speaking students. The site features simple navigation, easy-to-read articles, thousands of illustrations, videos, special localized content and resources, and a wealth of engaging games and activities.


Kids eLearn is an Arabic website specially developed for elementary school students. In addition to containing articles and topics appropriate for this age group in both Arabic and English. The site features a browsing system with bright and striking colors for the target group, as well as educational games, with clear interactive elements designed to attract young learners.

Kids eLearn is designed to inspire youngsters to think outside the boundaries of the classroom and connect with the community and the world around them. The site was developed for easy reading of articles and practical activities were carefully designed to produce a generation of distinguished students who are culturally sensitive and ready to take on the global challenges of our digital age.

Look Inside

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This unique, Arabic-language general reference site was designed for primary students. A search and visual browse feature enables simple navigation, and a collection of biographies, science projects, maps, and hand-on activities will captivate young learners.


Kids eLearn has many features designed for younger learners that are fun and easy to use:

  • A variety of simple search and browse navigation options.
  • Thousands of easy-to-read articles with embedded multimedia.
  • Engaging images, illustrations, and videos.
  • A biography feature to help students search and browse through several thousand biographies.
  • A collection of age-appropriate science fair projects.
  • A collection of country and continent maps.
  • Bilingual feature allow users to switch between Arabic and English content.
  • Over 200 educational games and activities.
  • Customized country resources.

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