Live Homework Help

Watch the video to learn how to use the classroom for Live Homework Help.

Tutorial Transcript

We're excited to introduce Live Homework Help! World Book has partnered with one of the most experienced tutoring companies to offer on-demand, one-to-one, live homework help and academic support through Student. This offers high-quality learning support through an innovative, easy-to-use, virtual classroom. With a range of communication tools, students get the help they need on homework assignments, studying for a test, and the one-to-one attention they deserve in real-time.

This flexible tool is available after school hours so it is timely and convenient. Live Homework Help eliminates the need to wait until class tomorrow or wait until my in-person tutor comes next week - students can get the answers they need right when they need them.

Need help with your science homework? Enter World Book Student. Select Live Homework Help under quick links, select your grade and the subject that you need help with and boom you're instantly connected to a virtual tutor in the digital classroom.

The virtual classroom is simple and easy-to-use with multiple ways to communicate with a tutor. Students can use a chat function or draw on the whiteboard. Additional tools found in the bottom of the classroom allow students to show their work, upload a file or assignment, or allow the tutor to show me so I can better understand the underlying concept.

Both the tutor and student can use the Whiteboard to talk back and forth to each other. Shapes and colors are available to help depict a variety of topics and stay organized as I communicate back and forth in the virtual classroom.

Tutors don't simply give the answer, they help students master underlying concepts by prompting them to come to the conclusion on their own and show that they truly understand the answer to the question they asked. Reach more learners with one product - purchase Live Homework Help today.

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