Find eBook levels and details

eBooks contains titles for all ages and all subjects. Use the "More info" button or the Complete Title list to find more details about each title, including Lexile levels and much more.

eBook Platform

While browsing for titles on the eBooks bookshelf, you can access more information about each title you come across.

  1. On a title you want to know more about, click on the “More Info” button. more info button
  2. Find information like length of the book, intended grade levels, Lexile measure, AR level, description, and more. more info pop up
  3. You can also copy the book's direct link from here, allowing you to share the title on other platforms. direct link
  4. And, on many titles, you'll find a downloadable PDF quiz to accompany the title in the "More info" pop-up as well. quizzes

eBook Title List

The information from "more info," along with additional details can be found all in one place on the eBook Title list.

This list is a Google Sheet with information on every eBook on our site and includes:

  • ISBN
  • Book details such as title, author, description, pages, and more
  • World Book details such as category, series, and grade range
  • Lexile measure
  • Accelerated reader information
  • Book resources such as read-aloud, embedded quizzes
  • Book links (downloadable quizzes and direct urls)
title list