Teaching with Documents

The Teaching with Documents feature pairs a lesson plan with a primary source. Each one features historical background text, enlargeable images, discussion questions, and worksheets.

Find a document

Teaching with documents is located under Educator Tools.

  1. Click on the Research & Resources menu and select Educator Tools.
    for educators
  2. Select Teaching with Documents from the menu on the left side of the page, then select a topic.
    teaching with documents
  3. Choose a document.

Using the document

Each document comes with four sections:

  1. The primary source document
  2. Document analysis
  3. Discussion questions and activities
  4. Related information
  1. The Primary Source Document: an image of the primary source document is shown on the left side of the page. Students can click on it to make it larger and begin analyzing the document or this can be projected for whole-class review.
    primary source document
  2. Document Analysis: the lesson plan begins with an analysis of the primary source document, including a brief review for background knowledge.
    document analysis
  3. Discussion Questions and Activities: Educators can use or adapt the activities suggested here to further a student's experience with the primary source document. Often, activities are broken up by discipline. Suggested answers to discussion questions are also included.
    disussion questions and activities
  4. Related Information: the related information tab lists additional encyclopedia articles related to the document shown. Some also have related primary source documents.
    related information