Resource Guides

Resource Guides provide in-depth information on a select topic and link to a wealth of resources within Advanced. They also offer links to curriculum and achievement standards, as well as study skills information, including tips on how to research and write reports and speeches.

Access from the Research & Resources menu

Open the Research and Resources menu from the homepage and click on Resource Guides.


This option brings you to resource guides that are geographically focused. It will automatically pull up the resource guide for your accounts set location, but you can change countries or states using the drop-down menus in the top right.

geographical resource guides geographical resource guides

Access from search

The second way to find Resource Guides is to simply perform a search for your topic, then select Resource Guides from the drop-down menu.

search results

Using Resource Guides

Links in the Jump to Section menu take users to encyclopedia articles, media, study questions, book suggestions, periodicals, websites, historical articles, and study skills information.

resource guides

Encyclopedia articles links are arranged by topic.


A selection of media, including images, maps, sounds, and videos, displays below the encyclopedia articles.


Suggested books to read and websites to browse will appear at the very bottom.

books and websites