Educator tools

Advanced has 5 distinct tools to help educators engage their students across the curriculum.


Educator Tools can be found in the Research & Resources menu located in the top-right corner of the Advanced home page.

research and resources

educator tools

Curriculum Correlations

Search for content by standard using the Curriculum Correlations tool.

  1. Click Curriculum Correlations from the side menu.
    curriculum correlations
  2. Select your set of standards. You can search by state or choose from supplemental standards like Common Core or Next Generation Science Standards.

    Note: The default standard display is set at tha account level by the account administrator.

    standard set
  3. Select a subject.
  4. Select a grade level.
    grade level
  5. Click Submit.
  6. A list of the matching standards will populate. Any standards that have material correlated to them will include a link to Materials Correlated to this Standard.
    standard list
  7. Click the link next to the desired standard. This will populate a list of correlating materials.
    correlating materials list
  8. Click the desired material and the content will open.

Lesson plans and Professional Links

For convenience, we provide links to educational sites to assist in gathering material for your classroom.

lesson plans

professional links


WebQuests are print-and-do activities designed to build foundational knowledge of specific topics by exploring information found in World Book. To access WebQuests, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Select WebQuests.
    educator tools
  2. WebQuests are organized by subject and include subtopics (with the exception of the first quest designed as an introduction to Advanced). Each subtopic is organized alphabetically.
  3. An explanatory paragraph introduces the content students will cover in each WebQuest. Click on the title of a WebQuest to open it. The WebQuest will automatically open in a separate tab for easy navigation between the topic page and the individual activities.
    • Each WebQuest opens as a PDF, making the full activity easy to save or print it for immediate use.
    • The last page of every WebQuest contains a Teacher Page which provides suggested answers for each WebQuest. Don't forget to remove this page before posting this or making copies.

Teaching with Documents

Teaching with Documents are lesson plans that accompany a selection of Primary Sources found in Advanced.

  1. Select Teaching with Documents from the menu on the left side of the page, then select a topic.
    teaching with documents
  2. Choose a document.

    Each document comes with four sections:

    • A. The primary source document
    • B. Document analysis
    • C. Discussion questions and activities
    • D. Related information

    • A. The Primary Source Document: an image of the primary source document is shown on the left side of the page. Students can click on it to make it larger and begin analyzing the document or this can be projected for whole-class review.
      primary source document
    • B. Document Analysis: the lesson plan begins with an analysis of the primary source document, including a brief review for background knowledge.
      document analysis
    • C. Discussion Questions and Activities: Educators can use or adapt the activities suggested here to further a student's experience with the primary source document. Often, activities are broken up by discipline. Suggested answers to discussion questions are also included.
      disussion questions and activities
    • D. Related Information: the related information tab lists additional encyclopedia articles related to the document shown. Some also have related primary source documents.
      related information