Advanced includes a fully searchable dictionary and an interactive tool within articles to help users define words on the spot.

Dictionary entries feature all the important elements typical of a comprehensive dictionary, including syllable indications, pronunciations, parts of speech, sentence examples, inflections, and singular and plural forms. Definitions are listed with the most commonly used meaning first.


Built-in dictionary

  1. Access the dictionary from the side-menu (Research & Resources).
    dictionary button
  2. Type a word in the search bar then hit enter or click search.
    dictionary button
  3. Users can also browse words before or after the selected word by clicking on them.
    dictionary button

Interactive overlay

Double-click a word to view the definition. This action will reveal an overlay that appears on top of the page you're viewing.

dictionary button

To go directly to the dictionary feature from the overlay, enter a search term in the dictionary search box and click go.

dictionary button