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View our video tutorial for an overview of the features, content, and functionality of Activity Corner.

Tutorial Transcript

World Book Classroom Activity Corner offers thousands of sure-to-please projects for use in the classroom and school library. Activities are suitable for a wide range of student skill levels, ages, and curricular goals. Activity Corner offers thousands of activities that can be accessed by powerful search and browse options. Users may search the database by keyword, or browse using categories including age range, type of activity, culture, time to complete, cost of materials, or holiday-themes.

In the browse options, click on the select button to narrow down the craft database to fit your needs. When you're done, click “Search.” When I click “Select” next to age range, a yellow pop-up appear with all the possible age groups. Click on the “X” in the corner to close. Let's select ages 5 to 8 and let’s select a time to complete- 15 to 30 minutes. Now press “Search.” The search has returned 566 activities. In the left index column, you can see what browse options are currently being used and remove any of them by clicking the purple and white “X” button. You can use the search box to search again, or you can also refine your search by adding new categories.

You can also search the activities database by keyword in the search box. Let's look for “Castle.” Then press “Search.” The search for “Castle” returned 8 results. Again, use the left index to refine or broaden your search.

Let's click on the “Marshmallow Minaret” activity. Here we can build towers and castles with easy-to-use (and eat) materials! Activities incorporate clear instructions and photographs or illustrations to clarify key steps. All activities will have a materials list in the sidebar on the right so users can see at a glance what is needed for the project. Please be sure to follow all directions and safety warnings.

Activities can also be printed, emailed, or saved to a personal computer. If you scroll down, you'll be able to see the description, steps, and the building blocks. This activity promotes creative thinking, planning, and problem-solving skills.

Activity Corner's How-To section offers illustrated tutorials on basic steps and materials that are required of many activities. These walkthroughs will help users develop techniques that can help you give projects an even more polished look. Every time you visit Activity Corner, a new How-To will be featured.

Types of Stencils-- In this How-To, there are three different examples and definitions of stencils. In the tools box, you can print, email, or save this information. Click the back button or masthead to go back to the main homepage.

Activity Corner also has a Featured Activity. A different featured activity will be showcased and available each time you visit the homepage. Activity Corner also offers a place where you can share your projects. Create and share a collection of your favorite projects, activities, and crafts. You may choose to share your list with other users, or keep it as your own personal guide. Before using this feature, users must create a My Projects account. When you’ve created your My Project account, you will be able to use the Share Your Project feature. Please login using an email and password. If you already have a World Book Web “My Research” account, you may use that to login.

In my projects, you can share a project or view your public or private projects. When sharing a project, users are walked through a simple 5-step process. First, you must enter in a title and keywords. Users then have the option of placing their project into any or all of the six categories. In the second step, create a description about your activity. The maximum character limit is 500 characters. In step three, create the materials list for your project. After entering a material, press enter. It will appear in the blue box below. If you wish to delete a material, simply press the “X” next to it in the list. When you are done entering materials, press “Next” to go on to step four.

Step four allows users to add steps or directions to their project. There are three text boxes available, allowing up to 1000 characters. When scrolling down, there's a purple “Add another step” button. Do not include numbers at the beginning of each step. These will be added automatically when you preview and post your project. In the last step, you can add a photo. Upload an image with the browse button and then agree you own the rights and then give credit for the image. Then, you can click “Preview.”

When you click “Preview,” your project will be in the standard activity format. The tools box will appear at the top that will allow you to print, email, or save this activity. Your title is in the middle and your materials list will be over on the right. If you scroll down, you'll see the image you've uploaded as well as the description and all of the directions and steps. You can edit your project further or post it for review.

My Origami Swan project has been saved in the private project area. I can delete or edit any of my projects. Once it is reviewed by the World Book editorial team, it will be moved to the public projects area. When it is shared, any user will be able to view it.

World Book Classroom offers thousands of sure-to-please projects perfect for use in the classroom and school library. Use the search features to find a specific activity, or learn something new in our How-To section. View featured activities or create and share your own. No matter the age, budget, or interest of your students, World Book’s Activity Corner has an activity perfect for you and your classroom’s curricular goals.

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