Users have the ability to download webquests in Kids, Student, and Advanced.


Webquests are available within Kids, Student, and Advanced. The webquests found in each product are designed to be conducted within the given product so, for example, a webquest found in Kids is intended to be conducted in Kids.


Regardless of the product, the webquests are found in the same location (Educator Tools). The example below is shown in Kids.

  1. Log in to the desired resource.
  2. Select Educator Tools. On Kids and Student, you'll find this link in the top-right corner of the home page.
    educator tools
    On Advanced, you'll find it in the Research & Resources menu.
    educator tools
  3. Select Webquests.
  4. The list of available webquests is displayed by subject with the exception of the first webquest, which is designed to introduce users to the corresponding resource.
  5. When you find the desired webquest, click on the title to open it.
    take the webquest
  6. To download the webquest, click the download icon.

    Note: The icon will vary depending on the browser. We recommend using Chrome as shown below.