Standards/Curriculum Correlations

Users have the ability to search for material by standard in Early Learning, Kids, Student, and Advanced.


Standard search is available within each of the core products. The curriculum correlations are contained within the given product so a standard search in Early Learning will populate correlating materials within Early Learning.


Regardless of the product, the ability to search by standard is found in the same location (Educator Tools). The example below is shown in Student.

  1. Log in to the desired resource.
  2. Select Educator Tools. On Kids and Student, you'll find this link in the top-right corner of the home page.
    educator tools
    On Advanced, you'll find it in the Research & Resources menu.
    educator tools
  3. Select Curriculum Correlations.
  4. Use the drop-down menus to find the desired standard category and click submit.

    Note: The standard category automatically defaults to the user's location. This can be changed at the admin level through Account Tools.

  5. A scrollable list of standards matching the search criteria will populate. Any standards that have materials correlating to that standard will include a clickable link to access materials directly from this page.
    materials correlated list
  6. The page will change to display a list of materials that correlate to the given standard. Click on any link to open the corresponding material.
    related list