World Book Online

Tutorial Transcript

Inspire learners of all ages with World Book Online, a database where students and patrons can access a world of information anytime, anywhere.

World Book Online engages users with a progressive sequence of core databases supported by tools and supplemental sites, including translations to over 100 languages, primary source material, educator resources, and a plethora of games, science projects and activities.

Supporting single-sign-on capabilities as well as Google and Microsoft One Drive integration, these databases are paired with highly visual content to captivate even the most reluctant learners.

With content derived from our world-renowned encyclopedia and combined with innovative technology, our digital databases promote World Book's adherence to clarity, currency, and accuracy.

By breaking down complex topics and using easily understood text, World Book Online helps to build fluency and increase comprehension. Progression from one site to the next supports the user experience as they grow and learn. Short, basic sentences transform into complex paragraphs, building literacy and creating subject experts.

Ongoing enhancements along with up-to-date articles make World Book Online a living, breathing informational hub for the classroom, library and beyond.

You can rest assured that while exploring World Book Online, you will find unbiased, trustworthy information your patrons and students will return to time and again. To learn more, contact your local educational sales consultant or email us at

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