Teacher Center + Correlations


1. All lessons on the site are correlated to state and provincial standards, as well as to the most widely used social studies textbooks.

2. Teachers can elect to set up classes in the Teacher Center to view lesson review results for individual students as well as cumulative class scores.

3. Click “Create new class” and either manually add students’ names or import a .CSV file with a list of students’ names.

4. Click “View Reports” to see a list of lessons for which students have taken the lesson review.

5. Click on a lesson title to view lesson review results listed by student name, total score correct, and the time/date taken. Sort the information shown in the table by clicking on Student Name, Score, and Date Taken headings at the top of the table. The average score for each question appears at the bottom of each column.

6. Click on any student’s name to see the reports specific to that student – what lessons’ tests he/she has taken, his/her score on the test, and the time/date taken.