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Social Studies Power uses extensive multimedia—including interactive animations, videos, illustrations, and photos—to teach upper elementary-age children core social studies concepts. Each lesson in the site is paired with an extension activity, inquiry project, critical thinking questions, and quizzes to amplify the content of the lesson and promote learning.

1. Social Studies Power content is grouped into five main units: Community & Government, Parts of the World, Peoples & Cultures, World History, and War & Conflict. Click on any of the colorful buttons to view a list of the lessons in that unit. Search lessons by curriculum standards for your state or province or grade level, or by textbook.

2. Use the Search by Lexile level link to find lessons by The Lexile Framework for Reading® readability score.

3. Use Literacy Tools like Extension Activities, Inquiry Projects, and more to help cement the lessons’ content. All can be saved to a personal account for later review or further work.

4. Map Skills, Geography Games, and Interactive Earth sections provide creative, interactive opportunities for geography instruction. Local Resources provides a quick look at facts for your state, province, or territory. Ask a Historian – a feature unique to World Book – answers questions that students have submitted to us through interviews with experts in the field.

5. Learn more about famous historical movers and shakers through our Important People section. Click on the arrows at the left and right of the feature box to skim the selection—or click on the image or text shown to view a full biography.

6. Compare Places lines up valuable information about continents, countries, and states/provinces in an easy, colorful navigation for young users.