The lessons are visually engaging and easily navigable, with a streamlined design that incorporates large and colorful media, simple buttons for quick browsing, and easy-to-read text.

1. View the lesson title and unit button at the top of the page—and click on the unit button to be taken back to that unit’s list of lessons.

2. Read the lesson text—or have it read aloud for you. Every lesson offers a trained voice actor’s reading of the lesson text so students hear the correct pronunciations of new science vocabulary and become more engaged in the reading of the text.

3. Main Idea Checks appear on every screen of the lesson for quick comprehension reinforcement. Click an answer to see the correct response.

4. Navigate easily through each screen of the lesson by clicking on the previous or next arrows at the bottom of the screen. Click on the home icon to return to the lesson home page, or simply mouse over the home icon to see a pop-up list of all the screens in the lesson, and click on your choice.

5. Every lesson contains a wealth of multimedia that is custom-tailored to the content, including interactive animations, photos, and videos.

6. Audio can be turned off by clicking the sound icon. The sound will remain off for the duration of the lesson, and will turn on again automatically on next use.