Lesson Home Page


Each lesson has its own home page, which contains easy access to all the components of a lesson: the lesson text itself, extension activity, experiment, quiz, critical thinking questions, and links to further information on the World Book Web and external sites. Additionally, each lesson has a Student Study Guide and a Teacher’s Guide that contain all the lesson text and answers to the aforementioned components.

1. Each lesson contains a pre-assessment, vocabulary page, an introduction, screens dedicated to the lesson content, a summary, and a post-assessment. Click on the introduction to begin the lesson, or jump directly to any of the screens in the lesson to read up on a particular point of interest. All vocabulary words will appear in boldfaced type throughout the lesson.

You can also click on the “View textbook standards” and “View state or provincial standards” buttons to view the textbook and state or provincial standards related to the lesson, or download the entire lesson’s content as a podcast as an MP3.

2. Each lesson has one lesson review, a pre- and post-assessment, and two quizzes. The lesson review includes 10 questions that help educators gauge student retention of lesson material. Science Power’s formative assessments are short tests accompanied by open responses. Teachers can use assessments as a diagnostic measurement of student comprehension of key material before and after lessons. Scores for lesson reviews and assessments are tracked in the teacher center. There is one vocabulary quiz and one interactivity that allow students to quiz themselves on lesson content in a low-stress environment.

3. Critical thinking questions lead users to a deeper understanding of the subject matter by challenging them to apply what they have learned to new scenarios.

4. The extension activities put the brainiest students to the test, extending the learning with a more difficult challenge based on the content. Each activity may include a downloadable and printable graphic organizer for users to print out and fill out.

5. An experiment that has been used time and again by experienced teachers in the classroom is provided for every lesson.

6. Explore More contains an extensive list of links to World Book Web products, as well as links to other editor-selected websites.