Each lesson, unit, and the site includes a pre- and a post- assessment. These assessments test students on their knowledge before and after lessons and units. A full-site assessment is also available. Each assessment has a variety of question types, including multiple choice, true/false, and grid questions. Open-ended response fields provide an area for students to defend and expand upon answers to computer-scored questions. Open-ended responses enable educators to assess students’ understanding of the topic as well as writing skills. Open-ended responses are not required or automatically scored. Teachers have the option of assigning a score of up to a possible five points.

All assessments are tracked in the teacher and student centers. Students will sign in with an individual account to take assessments. This will store their scores in our system, with compiled data showing you how well each student has performed, which questions they answered correctly and which they missed, and the time and date they took each test. Assessments and lesson reviews can be assigned through the Teacher Center.